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CW quick couplers

The low-build, safe and easy to use CW-system is available in sizes ranging from CW00 - CW70, in different versions and with various options such as a certified lifting hook.

CW00 0-1 tonne

CW0 1-4 tonnes

CW1 4-9 tonnes

CW1-350 4-9 tonnes

CW1 HD 10-12 tonnes

CW2 10-15 tonnes

CW2 narrow 10-15 tonnes

CW2 extra narrow 10-15 tonnes

CW3 15-21 tonnes

CW3 narrow 15-21 tonnes

CW3 extra narrow 15-21 tonnes

CW4 21-28 tonnes

CW4 narrow 21-28 tonnes

CW4 HD 28-32 tonnes

CW45 28-45 tonnes

CW45 narrow 28-40 tonnes

CW55 35-60 tonnes

CW55 narrow 35-50 tonnes

CW70 60-90 tonnes