Home Production


We aim to make the highest quality products. We do this through the use of high-quality material, all-round craftsmanship and up-to-date machinery. Every month we process more than 200 tons of steel into high-quality end products.



We only work with blasted West European S355 steel. In addition to that, we use a range of high-quality steel types in our products:

- Wear-resistant steel from the German firm Dillidur or the Swedish company Hardox;
- Cutting edges from the Swedish firm Borox;
- Induction hardened shafts from high-quality chrome nickel steel;
- Cast parts (developed by our engineers) from various refined casting steels.



We focus on all-round craftsmanship. Every construction bench machinist is trained in-house to be able to produce the entire range of products. Our welders are also deployed on all types of products; from 8 to 8,000 kg. This ensures continuity of the know-how and production.

We also work with a system of rotation in our other production departments. For example:

- cutting, handling and nesting;
- sawing, cutting, drilling and forming;
- milling, boring and turning.



Our factory comprises a warehouse (900 m²), a production hall (4200 m²) and a spraying hall (400 m²). Our production process and machinery in pictures:


In our 900 m² warehouse we have more than 2000 different items in stock. Including most standard quick couplers and corresponding ditch-cleaning buckets for all excavators up to 35 tonnes.


All production halls have several ABUS overhead cranes, varying from 5 to 12.5 tonnes lifting capacity. The construction halls have central welding extractors and façade fans.


Cutting is done with two SAF cutting machines with two gas units and two 300A plasma units. The machines are set up on a 25-meter long support table.


We form our buckets and other parts on a Darley 320T CNC press brake.


We saw with two KASTO sawing machines.


Our machining operatives work with:
- two MTE computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines with integrated turntable, universal milling head  and tool changer with 60 positions;
- a CNC boring machine with a 40-position tool changer from TOS;
- a Hartford machining centre and CNC lathe, from CMZ.


We have 18 fully equipped bonding and welding workstations with our own wall-mounted slewing jib crane, a welding machine and tools. The bonding workplaces have a lifting table with a 2000 x 4000 hardened clamping table. With this flat work surface with clamping and stop tools we can produce our products with extreme dimensional stability.


Our products are welded according to the procedures and fabrication drawings specified by our engineering department. In those procedures, among other things, the preheat temperatures and the weld heights are stated. All our welders use EWM-400A welding machines with double cooled torches, Speedglas welding helmets and Pro-Flow breathing protection.


All our products get a final inspection, checking the straightness and dimensioning of the product. Of course there are also checks during the production process. During assembly, all hydraulic components are tested for correct operation and are checked for leaks.


Our spraying is done in a separate hall, fitted with two spraying installations and extraction walls. After spraying, the products go to the adjacent drying hall. There the products are finished and the yellow ES logo is then applied to them.


We use only a limited number of transport companies, so they are familiar with our customers, which results in a smooth delivery of our products.